Are you looking to really take your landscape to the next level?


        Petal Pushers is proud to be a distributor of REDI-ROCK Walls of New England.  Redi-Rock is mortar-less, stackable, concrete blocks made for easy and fast construction of retaining walls, pillars, and other landscaping beautification projects.  This unique system requires no grouting, no mortar and no concrete footing.  This gives REDI-ROCK walls site adaptability, lower cost and unlimited design possibilities.  The blocks are offered in a rainbow of colors and the hollow-core design offers the best, most flexible connection of any system on the market.  Come in to speak to a staff member about the advantages and possibilities with the REDI-ROCK retaining wall system, or check out their website at

        The Petal Pushers staff can help you visualize walls, patios, raised beds, and many other configurations for your dream landscape.  Call for an appointment for a consultation and let us help you plan out your landscape for maximum visual effect and growth.  As easy as Redi-Rock is to install, it is still not for everyone to do on their own.  If you fall into this category, no problem!  Petal Pushers works with more than one expertly skilled, local landscaper who can provide you with a great looking, professional installation. Redi-Rock can easily be incorporated into your “themed” landscaping.

You are only limited by your imagination. 

Let your backyard dreams become reality!