Petal Pushers Farm not only has all your gardening needs; plants; shrubs; hand tools, trees, etc. We also stock many kinds of aggregates for landscaping projects as well. Here is a list of our more commonly used aggregates.

Bring your own truck or trailer, or FOR DELIVERY CALL (603) 524-7253 during our regular business hours.


Mulch can be purchased in bulk by the Yard in the following colors/woods.

  • Red – Cedar
  • Rich Reddish Brown – Hemlock
  • Natural Brown – Pine
  • Color Enhanced – Black


We also have Mulch available in 2 Cubic Ft. bags.

The colors/woods available in the bag are:

  • Red – Cedar
  • Natural Brown – Pine
  • Color Enhanced – Black



For planting and lawn needs, we carry a couple of different soils available in bulk by the Yard.

  • Super Soil – Our own mix made right here on the farm. Super Soil is a combination of top quality loam and our own compost. We believe it is the best soil available anywhere for all your gardening needs.
  • Loam – This soil is a very good quality loam, great for repairing your damaged lawn, or for creating a new lawn from scratch.



Our Compost is available in bulk by the Yard. You will find other fertilizers inside the store, to meet all your plant nourishing needs.

  • Compost – Our Compost is a recycled product, fermented and screened right here on the farm.


Updated 4/18/2017 AW