Pat and Pat

Petal Pushers Farm was established in 1995 by Pat Gianunzio and family.  Since its’ creation, it has grown into one of the largest farms in the area.  In the early years, Petal Pushers was a small building with very limited yard space.  Now owned and operated by Pat & Patty Gianunzio, the Farm  boasts a retail store chock full of garden gloves & tools, organics, fertilizers, plant supports, pots, hangers, decorative items, and much more.

Their four greenhouses hold hundreds of annual flowers and vegetables, as well as the perennials Pat is planting himself! They have mountains of bark mulch, compost, and soil (also in bags) to help you get your garden started, maintained, and healthy for the entire season.

Set in the hills of New Hampshire’s beautiful Lakes Region, Petal Pushers should be one of the top items on your list of places to visit when coming to the area.  Be sure to bring your camera.  When the greenhouses are in bloom, it is a breathtaking sight!

Convenient parking is available for the elderly and/or disabled patrons for greenhouse access.


Updated 6/1/2015 AW